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Supreme SofGrains™ has been in operation since 1982, supplying Instantized, cooked whole grains and Instantized whole grain blends to the baking industry. We are proud to be a supplier to large and small users of our Instantized and quick-cooking grain products from our facilities in Louisiana. Every Supreme SofGrains™ customer benefits from our ability to develop and supply Instantized, quick cooking products to meet their special needs.

Supreme SofGrains™ offers a family of specially processed whole grain products, utilizing Supreme's patented Instantized process. The whole grains produced by Supreme Sofgrains™ are quick-hydrating, readily chewable form of cleaned, food-grade whole grains. Whole grains offered by Supreme Sofgrains™ include wheat, barley, rye, triticale and rice. Supreme Sofgrains™ also offers a unique four-grain blend of wheat, barley, rye and triticale that provides all the advantages of whole grain goodness for inclusion in a wide variety of bakery products. This four-grain blend can be offered in any grain ratio to meet a customer’s unique needs.

The Supreme Sofgrains™ patented process renders whole grains convenient to use in a wide variety of food formulations. It can be kibbled to produce a variety of particle sizes to meet individual customer requirements, or it can be furnished whole providing a baker with the ability to show the whole grain in his product. Supreme Sofgrains™ are highly desirable for a number of applications, including:
        Whole grain breads, rolls, cookies, crackers, muffins and biscuits
    Whole grain granola type bars and snack mixtures, as well as hot or ready-to-eat whole grain breakfast cereals
    Dried soup mixes and quick cooking types of casseroles or prepared entrees

Supreme Sofgrains™ products are all-natural and are created without the use of chemicals or additives of any kind. These products are Kosher Certified.

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