Instantized Bumped Barley

Barley is an excellent ingredient for providing soluble fiber, which helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood. It is also rich in niacin and iron. Whole barley, also called hulled barley (the inedible husk has been removed), is much more nutritious than pearled barley because the bran is left intact .

Applications: Breads, Cookies, Nutrition Bars, Crackers


(Typical, Max)

Ash   1.5%
Carbohydrates   78.0%
Fiber   16.0%
Moisture   10.0%
Fat   1.2%
Protein   10.0%

Screen Analysis Typical Profile
(Maximum on the Screen)

#8   86.0%
#10   11.0%
#12   2.0%
#20   1.0%
Bottom Pan   0.0%


Total Plate Count (Max)   1000/gram
Yeast & Mold (Max)   100/gram
Coliforms (per gram)   Negative
E. Coli (per gram)   Negative
Coagulase Pos. Staph (per gram)   Negative
Salmonella (per 25 gram)   Negative


Fifty (50) pound multi-wall paper bags with polyethylene moisture barrier, Forty (40) bags per pallet



Nutrient Content per 100 grams

  Calories (kcal)     352.00  
  Fat, g     1.16  
      Total Saturated, g     0.244  
          Mono, g     0.149  
          Poly, g     0.560  
  Fiber, total Dietary, g     15.60  
  Carbohydrate, by difference, g     77.72  
  Sugars, g     .80  
  Protein, g     9.91  
  Cholesterol, mg     0.00  
  Vitamin A, IU     22.00  
  Pantothenic acids, mg     .282  
  Vitamin B-6, mg     0.260  
  Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol), mg     0.02  
  Vitamin C, mg     0.00  
  Thiamin, mg     0.191  
  Niacin, mg     4.604  
  Riboflavin, mg     0.114  
  Folate, mcg     23.0  
  Iron, mg     2.50  
  Calcium, mg     29.0  
  Sodium, mg     9.0  
  Potassium, mg     280.0  
  Pesticide Residue, Extraneous Matter to comply with Federal Regulations

Shelf Life: The Shelf life of this product when properly stored in a cool dry location is approximately 180 days

The information contained herein is to the best of our knowledge correct. The typical data outlined and the statements herein are intended as a source of general information. No warranties, expressed or implied, are made. It is recommended that this product undergo laboratory evaluation prior to use in a finished product.


Data Sheet for Instantized Bumped Barley

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