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We are proud to be a supplier to large and small users of quick-cooking grain products from our facilities in Louisiana. Every Supreme customer benefits from our ability to develop and supply Sofgrain™ products to meet their special needs.

You may request free samples of our products. Please fill out this on-line form and we will respond in a quick timely manner. This information is held in the “strictest” confidence.  (All fields are required)

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Product Samples Requested
        Sofgrain™ 4-Grain Blend
        Brown Rice - Medium Grain
        Brown Rice - Medium Grain Bumped
        Brown Rice - Medium Grain Kibbled
        Brown Rice - Long Grain
        Brown Rice - Long Grain Jazzman Aromatic
        Brown Rice - Long Grain Bumped
        White Rice - Medium Grain
        White Rice - Long Grain
        White Rice - Long Grain Jazzman Aromatic
        Bumped Barley
        Bumped Oats
        Bumped Rye
        Kibbled Barley
        Kibbled Oats
        Kibbled Triticale
        Kibbled Wheat - KW-2
        Kibbled Wheat - KW-3
        Kibbled Wheat - KW-4
        Spelt Berries
        Other Products
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