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Raw grains are designed by nature to remain stable and intact until germinated in the soil or consumed by animals. They are hard, flinty structures composed of starch granules wrapped by storage proteins. The germ, which contains the embryo of the nascent plant, also houses much of the vitamin and mineral content of the kernel. All of this is encased in a multilayered bran coat which protects the seed from moisture and external forces.

Raw grains are designed to be tough in order to remain intact until germinated in the soil. After many days in the moistened soil they absorb water, swell and begin to germinate and grow. If used in a bakery or food application these same grains must first be presoaked or ground into fine pieces to provide satisfactory results. In today’s fast paced production world, with ever increasing demands for productivity improvements, bakers have no time to presoak grain. Furthermore, finely ground kernels often disappear in the food product leading the consumer to wonder if they are actually present.

The patented Supreme Sofgrain™ process solves this dilemma for the food processor by providing whole or large grain pieces which do not require presoaking and yield attractive, safe finished food products. The Supreme Sofgrain™ process conveys each and every kernel of raw grain on a stream of extremely hot air through the process equipment in approximately 10 seconds.

This ultra high temperature, short time process causes the native moisture in each kernel to instantly flash into steam within the kernel and partly pre-gelatinize the starch contained therein. Pre-gelatinized starch absorbs at least twice as much water as raw starch and increases moistness and softness in bakery products. In addition, the high pressure generated by this steam fractures each kernel creating hundreds of pores. During dough mixing or food processing ingredient water is drawn in via capillary action. The micro porosity of Supreme Sofgrain™ processed grains allow them to be added dry to a manufacturing process without the need for presoaking. Just like blotter paper, once water hits them they soak it up rapidly and allow for a nice soft texture and appearance in the finished food product.

As an added bonus the Supreme Sofgrain™ process renders the cooked grains almost sterile, adding valuable shelf life to bakery and other food products in which these grains are used. In addition, the high temperature of the Supreme Sofgrain™ process imparts a very pleasing “toasty” note to foods in which Sofgrains are used.

It is sometimes said that consumers taste food first with their eyes and then with their mouths. Supreme Sofgrain™ products in either whole kernel form, flakes or cut (kibbled) pieces create a bold visual appearance in breads, crackers, cookies, muffins, yogurts and pilafs which reinforces the whole grain content of the final food product. All of this without any fear of dental damage which sometimes occurs when raw grains are improperly used in foods.

In Supreme Sofgrain’s 4 grain blend each grain is processed separately under conditions optimized for that grain’s requirements and then the 4 types are blended together. Specific ratios of multiple grain combinations are available to suit each customer’s needs.

Call Supreme Sofgrains™ today and let us show you how we can help you enhance your food products with America’s Supreme whole grain product line. Quality, innovation, service, convenience, versatility and high nutrition are yours for the asking.


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